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DanceFriday, August 12 7:30pm $35, Children under 4 are free

Ajkun Ballet Theatre performs Don Quixote – a Spanish celebration of love and laughter in a breathtaking ballet!

A Night at the Ballet could not be more appealing than spent watching Don Quixote.  The tale of two young lovers infused with the vibrancy of Spain. The music filled with sounds of guitars and tambourines and the dancing, leaps and turns of flirtatious Gypsies and Toreadors. Charming, exhilarating and plain funny, Chiara Ajkun’s version for Ajkun Ballet Theatre calls for pure entertainment.

Synopsis: Kitri (Momoko Burbine) sneaks out of the house to meet her beloved, the barber Basilio (Klevis Tafaj). Her Mother (Bianca Delli Priscoli) shoos Basilio away to introduce another suitor, the foppish and vain nobleman Gamache (Ariel Corrêa). Flashing his wealth, Gamache tries to secure Kitri’s hand only to make the girl run away. Toreadors (Kylie Brown, Telmen Munkherdene) burst into the scene and the knight Don Quixote (John Webb) arrives. When Kitri returns, Don Quixote mistakes her for his beloved Dulcinea and sets to a chase into the gypsy camp, where Kitri and Basilio run to hide from Gamache. Don Quixote, exhausted by the pursuit, falls unconscious and dreams of Dulcinea/Kitri (Areum Jeong). Back at the square, Kitri and Basilio join the dances but at the height of the merriment her Mother gives the blessing to Kitri’s union with Gamache. Annoyed, Basilio accuses Kitri of being unfaithful and stabs himself. As he lies dying, he begs to be united in marriage with Kitri but her Mother and Gamache refuse. Don Quixote challenges Gamache to a duel for refusing a dying man’s wish. A terrified Gamache is driven out of the scene, while her Mother gives blessing to the couple. Basilio pulls the weapon and reveals the joke. After Kitri and Basilio’s wedding, Don Quixote sets out again on his quest.

Choreography: Chiara Ajkun after Alexander Gorsky

Music: Leon Minkus, additional scores by Anton Simon and Ricardo Drigo

Libretto: Marius Petipa after the novel by Miguel de Cervantes

Presented by Ajkun Ballet Theatre

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