Mathemagic! for SCHOOL GROUPS

Wednesday, January 30 10:15am

Part of the Arts-in-Education Performances Series

With large multimedia projections, stage illusions, comedy, and audience interaction, MatheMagic integrates math concepts with vocabulary, geography, history, and everyday problem-solving, students of different interests, abilities and learning styles are able to relate to math in new ways. Magician and educator, Bradley Fields, introduces students to Imhotep the Magician, (whose secret was really math), Zeno (whose paradoxes inspired Newton) and, of course Pythagoras and his famous theorem.

Best for Grades 3-6.


A show at The Egg is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and you may want to add a visit to other Empire State Plaza attractions including the New York State Museum, the Capitol Building, the Corning Tower Observation Deck or the  Plaza Art Collection

If you are interested in attending this performance with your school group, please call 518-473-1845, or Download the Arts-in-Education Order Form by clicking HERE