Yogapalooza with Bari Koral

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FamilySaturday, January 20 3:00pm $15, Adult in free when accompanied by a child

Part of the Family Wonders Series


Yoga with a dancing bear? A giant roller coaster of kid yogis? Welcome to Yogapalooza! Based on the TV show created and hosted by Bari Koral, Yogapalooza is an interactive concert packed with yoga poses, songs, dance and play. We’ll take a trip to the moon, learn yoga with a gingerbread man, pop like popcorn, hang upside like bats and lots more as we stretch, play and rock out to Bari’s award-winning songs. Unroll your mat, put on your adventure caps and off we go! The most fun you’ve ever had doing yoga guaranteed! Beginners welcome.

Bari Koral is a beloved children’s recording artist and kids yoga expert. She has performed countless concerts for children at some of the finest venues in the country including multiple appearances at the White House. For the past 7 years, she has dedicated her talents to using her music and other tools to bring yoga to tens of thousands of children. From learning core yoga poses on a dragon hunt, turning from seeds into apple trees, hanging upside like bats in a bat cave to creative relaxation in the garden, children everywhere are highly engaged and attached to Bari’s songs and activities. Bari has become one of the leaders of the kids yoga revolution, giving care to the next generation through her popular songs, activities, concerts, trainings, and appearances.Thousands of educators use her songs on a daily basis. Many parents are discovering the benefits of yoga through her music, videos, posters and activities.