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Array Sunday, February 11 2:30pm Center: $29 adults, $25 children–Sides: $22 adults, $18 children

Part of the Guest Presentation Series

Ancient, Authentic, Vibrant,

CCC Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Gala Show

The Dragon has always been the most mysterious and powerful symbol among Asian countries. The zodiac year of the Dragon always draws extra attention among the twelve zodiac animals.

The Chinese Community Center was founded in 1973, so this is its 50th Lunar New Year show.  The CCC started as a small celebration, and has now grown into a Gala show with an audience of hundreds and features both community based programs and professional performers as guests. This year also marks the first year that the Lunar New Year has become a NY State school public holiday, making the celebration a more meaningful event.

Our seventeen program show will include performances that would be expected in such a show, such as the traditional Dragon dance, exciting Chinese Kungfu, elegant Fan and Long Sleeve dances, an upscale Chorus and authentic traditional instruments.   This year an elegant Peking Opera performer also will be in singing a duet with an classical Opera singer singing in Italian.

Delicious Asian food and bubble tea will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.   There will be on site traditional calligraphy writing and paper cutting for wall decorations.  These will be accompanied by an authentic Yang Liu Qing Lunar New Year Art exhibition during the intermission. There will be Lucky Draws during the show with $600 of restaurant vouchers and gifts, being awarded to the lucky ones.


Presented by Chinese Community Center