Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Appointed by the Governor

  • Mr. Anthony Esposito
  • Mr. Vincent McArdle
  • Mr. Thomas Nardacci
  • Ms. Susan Cleary
  • Mr. James I. Sullivan

Appointed by the President of the Senate

  • Mr. Alexander Boschi
  • Mr. Maston Sansom

Appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly

  • Mr. Brian Petraitis, Chair
  • Mrs. Joyce Shenker

Appointed by the Albany County Executive

  • Mr. Michael Cassidy

Appointed by the Minority Leader of the Assembly

  • Mr. Michael A. Avella

Appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate

  • Mr. Anthony Williamson

Appointed by the Mayor of the City of Albany

  • Hon. John A. Frederick

Ex-Officio as the Commissioner of the Office of General Services

  • Represented by Mr. Joseph Rabito
  • The Board of Directors meets five times annually at the Empire State Plaza. All meetings are open to the public.
    Thursday, January 19, 12 NOON
    Thursday, March 15, 12 NOON
    Thursday, May 17, 12 NOON
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