Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Appointed by the Governor

  • Mr. Anthony Esposito
  • Mr. James Malatras
  • Mr. Vincent McArdle
  • Ms. Susan Cleary
  • Mr. James I. Sullivan

Appointed by the President of the Senate

  • Mr. Maston Sansom

Appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly

  • Mrs. Joyce Shenker

Appointed by the Minority Leader of the Assembly

  • Mr. Michael A. Avella

Appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate

  • Mr. William Burgess

Appointed by the Albany County Executive 

  • Mr. John Regan

Ex-Officio as the Commissioner of the Office of General Services

  • Represented by Mr. Bradley G. Allen
  • The Board of Directors meets five times annually at the Empire State Plaza. All meetings are open to the public.
    Wednesday, November 17, 12 NOON
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